Hey Desi, have you taken a trip to Indonesia? hi mark. Sate bekicot (similiar to escargot, but fried and skewered from Central Java) The traditional dishes in Bali are a big part of its tradition, some of which are almost as old as the culture itself. It’s not too pricey but delicious. 45A North Bogor(open 13.00-21.00) Where: Any street food stall where you see “nasi goreng” written, and you will see it all over Indonesia. Hey Tina, thank you very much for your kind words and for watching my videos. } else if (value === undefined || value === null || value === '') { I’m wondering if you ever got any sickness from trying Indonesian food? I like watching your videos! Hi Mark, thank you for your visit and try our food right in Indonesia. What a wonderfull post/ review. – nasi jamblang Thanks for your efforts and sharing it with us. You’ve successfully made me crave for ayam bakar taliwang, sate, and nasi padang; next time I go home I’ll make sure to not miss these. for (var i = 0, len = allInputs.length; i < len; i++) { Where: Rumah Makan Medan Baru; Address: Jalan Krekot Bunder No. there is also nasi liwet in solo/jawa style Hope you have a great day as well! Dont Forget ^ very traditional food – NasiPecel (PeanutSauce) – NasiTumpang (Mysterious ^^) -Nasi Kuning – NasiGurih (2 version Salam/Santan) – OPOR (Grilled / Soup) – YoungBamboe – Madumongso – Seasame Ball – IcePandan (VeryRecm) – PanacotaPandan (nt traditional) – White coffe – Kreco(sate/soup) – NasiBamboe – RotiGARUT – NogoSari – Rawon (Black/Gold) – LeLeBumbuRujak – Kupang – KopiLuwak – AyamKremes/Kruispy – Nasi jagung(Recm) – Bandeng Presto. :), Burung Goreng Siantar, Mie Aceh (this is recipe from Aceh originally recipe, but in Medan you find easly to find it…its spicy noodle), Nasi Padang Sidempuan, and many more that you can find it in Medan North of Sumatera…. as a citizen of jakarta, you already made a wonderful choice of food. Thank you for the recommendation for sate sotong, that sounds incredible. It’s the 2nd biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. if (!no_error) { Cassava leaves are actually toxic if you eat them raw, but they are delicious when cooked, and have a slight leathery texture to them. – patin asam padeh div.innerHTML = html; 4. tempoyak. Medan is the best culinary city. validate_field(this, true); 13. Hey Rick, thank you very much, appreciate you reading this guide. They also serve konro bakar, grilled beef ribs, which were equally as stunning. One thing that I love about Indonesia is I can eat good food with affordable price (cheap to Western countries’ standard) almost everywhere. Hi Stella, thank you very much, and I appreciate the Manado food recommendation. In Indonesian is the spelling typically “jengkol”? As an Indonesian I take the food we have here most of the time for granted, but after reading and watching your food reviews of Indonesian dishes I’ve become more appreciative of the diversity of dishes my country has to offer. Hope you come to Indonesia again , especially during this fasting month and idul fitri . Where: Kedai Kopi & Bakpao Kwang Koan; Address: Kelapa Gading, Jakarta (more info here); Open hours: 6 am – 1 pm on Saturday and Sunday, 6 am – 3 pm on Monday – Friday. I would love to visit Bandung on my next trip to Indonesia. You can find Nasi Liwet at Ikan Bakar Cianjur at Bandung, just about 2 hours travel from Jakarta, and there you can have Ikan Gurame Pesmol, which is amazing in flavor. Both are fantastic, depending on your preference; I don’t think I can pick a favorite. My favourite definitely is Nasi Padang, Ayam Taliwang, Pempek, Bakso, and Bubur Barito.. Oh God, it is insane how you made me so homesick now!!! You can typically choose your choice of noodles, from thin white rice noodles, and yellow egg noodles (I’m a fan of egg noodles), and the bakso are then either served with the noodles and soup, or dry with soup on the side. I find this very good in a restaurant chain ‘Ikan Bakar Cianjur’. if (elem.getAttribute('required') !== null) { honestly I see what you do is sincere and you feel what you eat and tell it to everyone. You’ve summarized Indonesian food like you’re born there. by the way, east java has unique foods, especially “petis”…. What is your favorite Indonesian food? *gule ikan yu ( shark fish curry)

for (var i = 0; i < allInputs.length; i++) { When you eat ayam bakar Taliwang, not only are the grilled chickens so good you might be able to eat three of them by yourself, but they are also very small because they either free range chickens or sometimes spring chickens. Hey Fandy, awesome thank you for the recommendations! Ikan Goreng – as written the Gurami is the most popular. Hopefully, I can visit Thailand too in near future. Hi Mark, Where: Bubur ayam is a very common Jakarta street food, but I tried it at Bubur Ayam Barito. Hey Anit, thank you very much, really appreciate your support. var now = new Date(); And please tell me you at least had kerupuk udang or prawn crackers along with it. When I mentioned to one of my friends about it, they did not believe me and thought that I was joking. Where: One of the best places in Jakarta to eat soto Betawi is Soto Betawi Haji Husein. I should hurry up with my studies and get back home ASAP! It’s also not unusual to get a verbal invitation, or even one via SMS o… "); Have you tried Chicken Skin Sate yet Mark? Hi Mark, Hahaha btw nice guide, Hi Mark, I am Indonesian, Glad that you made this awesome list, really makes me hungry!! } Where: Bakso Akiaw 99 is a popular Chinese style bakso restaurant in Jakarta. next time you can try eat a snack from Indonesia, they ussualy call it “jajanan pasar” all of that is awesome. for dessert i like martabak the most. Originally from Padang, a food lovers province on the west coast of Sumatra, Sate Padang seems to have a cult following among food lovers – and after I had my first plate, I completely understand why. That Restaurant have Kue Cubit Original,Bubble gum,Oreo,Red velvet and others OR Pinch Me! Really very interesting to read the article. So, if you wanna go back here… let me know? given us the addresses of those restaurants. Nice review bro, if you sometime wanna visit other city while in Indonesia, you should add medan to your destination list. Along with ikan bakar (Indonesian grilled fish), ikan goreng or deep fried fish, is another common way to prepare different types of fish and seafood. The happened to mde twice and I’m really missing this part which in Europe is considered the best. Wow, that’s amazing Mark. It’s in front of a catholic school and church just behind the bundaran HI. Yes, I did try martabak telur, I love it! var expireTime = time + 1000 * 60 * 60 * 24 * 365; I’m indonesian n i’m proud of you. It’s one of those sour soups that makes you almost squint when you sip it because it’s so sour. if (fieldVal) { Haha, that would be awesome, and that was so cool Obama and Bourdain. But im wondering, why all the prices is too expensive?? Jakarta is the biggest city in Indonesia, and people who live in Jakarta come from the furthest regions and islands of the country. correct me if i’m wrong. // Site tracking URL to use after inline form submission. In Bogor I had it at a restaurant called Ampera, but I would have loved to try some home-cooked versions. Satay, or sate in Indonesian, are basically grilled slices of chicken, goat, beef, or pork skewered on sticks. You can find it allover in the main road. Before we get started, I just want to make it clear that this is not an exhaustive or complete list of food in Indonesia (there are thousands of Indonesian dishes), but it’s a definite start to discovering the incredible cuisine of Indonesia. Next time you found yourself in Jakarta again, please try Andy Watung manado restoran. You have to try Bakmi Ayam/Babi/Sapi (Chicken/Pork/Beef Noodle) while you’re in Jakarta. "); Enter your name and e-mail, and click Subscribe!, and I’ll send you delicious food and travel updates you don’t want to miss…, Your email address will not be published. Indonesian food is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavour. You made me a bit homesick with your list! I fell in love with it when I lived there for 6 months. Hi Mark, i love your guide and review so much Love to see eat Indonesian food. 4. 6. } Pindang Patin: Light curry of patin catfish, similiar to lele but more greasy and softer texture) The siomay are dished onto a plate, and the Indonesian flavor touch is that they are served with a sweet and savory peanut sauce and some sambal to bump up the heat. your reaction is verryyy funny and you have a very good taste! validate_field(el, true); One of the most widely available street food dishes (and in restaurants as well) and loved by nearly everyone, including President Barack Obama who grew up for some time in Jakarta, is bakso (or also known as baso), Indonesian meatballs. https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/40-indonesian-foods/index.html The food directly reflects this, and walking down the street you’ll find a restaurant serving Padang food, Manado food, snacks from Eastern Java, and the list goes on and on. One thing I was missing in your report was Atjar, the raw pickles served as side dish with a lot of soups. One of the most complete and thorough indonesian food list i’ve ever read from a foreigner. Hi Rabin, I highly enjoyed eating in Indonesia, thank you! On quick glance I didn’t see satay sotong which has to be my favourite nasi padang dish. i glad u are fine and can accept it – i hope u can visit more cities and island in indonesoa. Mark, I’m really really impressed by the multitude of Indonesian dishes you tried. The whole dish is served over triangular banana leaf “plate”, and eaten with banana leaf “spoon”. Tempeh – one of my friends introduced me into a new way to eat fried Tempeh: apart of the sambal order some limes and first give lime juise over the Tempeh, this makes them more delicious for me (as it’s not one of my favourites). I would love to try more! Thank you for coming to indonesia and tell the world how diverse our food are. } in my opinion you are more Indonesian than an average Indonesian food blogger. i hope when the next visit i can eat all of them(javanese foods). Served with rice, an assortment of raw herbs like lemon basil (maybe to cut the grease), and not forgetting the sambal chili sauce, Indonesian bebek goreng is a true treat of a meal. Learn more about this cultural clothing ahead. Love your blog and street food videos. 2. selected = false; Another sambal I love is sambal roa from Manado which is made with smoked roa fish–the Manadonese eat their fried bananas with sambal roa! elem.className = elem.className + ' _has_error'; Hey Kanz, thank you very much, appreciate your reading. I recommend Bothok Tawon, “bothok” = herbal packet, tawon = “bee”, it actually is like “pepes” with bee’s nest. What I love most is probably the spiciness and the sambal that is mouth watering. Sampai jumpa on your next video/blog post. There are a variety of different recipes for nasi uduk, also depending on the region of Indonesia you’re in. which this dishes was simplicity yet satisfying food of Indonesian i never get bore. Next time I eat rawon I will try to have it. Ikan Pe Penyet (squashed fried Stingray fish) : a typical surabaya dish, a fried stingray squashed in mortar with very spicy sambal But, if it’s a bit too far from you, maybe you can go here: Before we get started, I would like to invite you to receive my exclusive food and travel updates by e-mail. Mostly you can find them on Solo/Surakarta. } for friends who have never tasted something so good and exotic. Along with djenkol, there was no way I could leave petai, or stink beans, off this list of best Indonesian foods. Your videos are super authentic and you’re one of the very few food bloggers who are willing to try the real street food! Hugs, my friend! Although technically a salad or mix, gado gado, especially when it contains compressed rice cakes, is actually quite filling and can be eaten as a main dish, or a snack. tooltip.tip.className = tooltip.tip.className.replace(/ ? }); I enjoy your video so much. Hi Meloday, awesome, thank you for the recommendation, sounds amazing! Thanks for your Indonesian food guide, I am from Indonesia but I live in Midwest US. It was a great and dangerous food experience, because its addictive to me. form.querySelector('._form-content').style.display = 'none'; Indonesia definitely, but I’ve had some very good nasi padang in Malaysia as well, often made by Indonesians! 24, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta; Open hours: 9 am – 6 pm daily; Prices: 20,000 IDR ($1.49) per plate. Minimal Deposit : Rp.20.000 Thank you for visiting Jakarta! For coto Makassar, beef as well as all the organs of the cow, are the dominant ingredients. Zainul Arifin, Jakarta; Open hours: 9 am – 8 pm daily; Prices: 30,000 IDR per plate. Address: Jalan Pesanggrahan Raya No. Thank you for the suggestion as well. var needs_validate = function(el) { But you reminded me how flavorful Indonesian food really are. In Jakarta you can try the legendary goat fried rice at Nasi Goreng Kambing Kebon Sirih. I may try some of the food based on your video the next time I visit Jakarta. Hi Jason, thank you for the recommendation. I had one juice called Es kelapa kopyor, which was amazing. if i may suggest, these are some great food that not listed (not in order): Typical vendors that sell siomay have a steamer full of different ingredients including siomay, tofu, and a variety of fishcakes and stuffed items. 5. daun Ubi Tumbuk (cassava leaves mortared and cooked in curry) When you go to small padang stall (ampera), and the ordering single dish, then it’s called “ramas”, not “pesan”. i hope your blog will let the world know our country. Hi Steve, great, thank you for the recommendations. You can have Kue Cubit Original,Bubble gum,Oreo,Red velvet and others There’s even enough wedding menu inspiration to help inform a laid-back barbecue party, with our choice food options including beef brisket, pork spare ribs, and seven irresistible side dishes. For myself, while nasi goreng simply can’t compete with curries and more flavorful rich dishes, I do find Indonesian nasi goreng quite enjoyable from time to time, and it makes an easy cheap meal. That’s pretty impressive list of the most famous Indonesian foods! Nasi Goreng is a classic Indonesian dish that is popular all over the country. And it’s not only because I’m a chili lover, but also because I think the diversity and variations of different sambals is a reflection of just how diverse Indonesia and its food are. The Indonesian culture is … There are a lot of foods you should try in Padang. Perfect! } remove_tooltips(); Even though I am not a native Jakartan and have been living abroad for about one and a half decade now, I still feel a strong connection with Indonesia, especially with the Indonesian food culture. – kue putu It’s been 1,5 years since my last return to Indonesia and i really miss what you just devoured…. Hey Joe, really appreciate your kind words and support, thank you. }); And I appreciate your invitation, I hope to visit Jakarta again in the future. Some manadonese seafood I recommend are : Kuah Asam Goropa ( Sour Grouper Soup) ==>the best in Indonesia when making fish or seafood in soup , Cakalang Fufu Woku Santan ( Smoked Tuna Woku Coconut Milk ), Kepiting Woku Santan (Crab Woku Coconut Milk ). I implore you to taste and explore more indonesian food that unique and delicious, such as : and come again to Indonesia someday. Hi Mark! The desiccated coconut is not a key ingredients in rendang. Wow, that sounds like a very interesting dish, I would love to try it in the future. If you love fish, fried fish in Indonesia, eaten along with rice and sambal, makes an absolutely delicious meal, or accompaniment to a full seafood meal. Rudy. #buburmengguh #bali Bahan: 3 gelas takar beras 1 ekor ayam 2 lembar daun salam Sedikit garam 1 sachet bubuk kaldu ayam ½ kg kacang panjang 4-5 jagung manis 1 lembar daun jeruk 1 Kara santan, 65 ml Bumbu halus: 10 Bawang merah 7 Bawang putih 4 cm jahe 4 cm laos 5 cm kencur 3 cm kunyit 2 batang sereh, potong-potong 1,5 sdt ketumbar 2 sdt garam Sedikit terasi 4 cabe rawit #resep #recipe #balinesefood #indonesianfood #porridge, A post shared by Prinka Maharani (@prinkamaharani) on Nov 18, 2014 at 5:19am PST. }; Hi Ainatit, thank you very much for your recommendations. When I had my first bowl of woku, it was a bit of a life-changer, one of those dishes that’s so dramatically flavorful, there’s nothing you can do but close your eyes and enjoy it. }; And these are the ingridients to make Nasi Uduk if you want to try to cook it : rice, coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal, ginger, & bay leaves. And there’s almost nothing I can think of that goes better with coffee than a freshly steamed bakpao, or the Indonesian variation of a Chinese baozi. When I look at to your blog, I miss all these food, snacks, and beverages. Hey Tony, great to hear that, I think you’ll enjoy Indonesian food! Tempeh (which is also spelled tempe) is a preserved soybean cake, that’s kind of similar to tofu, but it uses whole soybeans and it’s fermented in a loaf sized shape. arrow.className = '_error-arrow'; When you find an Indonesian street food cart that sells nasi goreng, they can usually make it with whatever ingredients you see in their cabinet – vegetables, chicken, egg, and stink beans (my personal recommendation). and, yess, i also eager to travel just because i really want to try the special and unique food from every places (i mean, what could be a better reason to travel :P) well. (even i stay in jakarta as long as i can remember). Their very hot sambal is epic. Lawar is made by mixing chopped meat with various green vegetables and grated coconut. – Martabak telor: deep friend martabak with egg and veggies as main ingredients i loves your blog! Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site … You should try pindang ikan… Its kind like fish soup from south sumatera… Sour, and full herb… My favourite…. you can find it particularly in my hometown, Malang. Originally a Sundanese food from the Western part of Java, some of the most common versions of pepes include chicken, different types of fish, tofu, or mushrooms, mixed with shallots, garlic, chilies, turmeric, candlenut, and lemon basil. Where: Ketoprak is available all over Jakarta, but for a famous version go to Ketoprak Ciragil; Address: Jalan Ciragil II Blok Q No. Familiar with Manado food taste amazing – they sound delicious Surabaya open 10AM – 10PM.. The first time that I might suggest is martabak telor, the savory to! Organs of the food recommendations ) Ibu Oka @ Ubud squint when you eat more chilies me..., Jalan KH to Kuala Lumpur and then second place Rempah Wangi, made. Been cooked with coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal, bay leaves where. Curry where the main road the size is actually huge, you would get a verbal invitation, I hungry! Fact, I ’ ve think ; P, update ; P thx try Kampung Daun resto in Bandung sooo. Eat their fried bananas with sambal and petai beans like mad too sprouts, a (! Those on Business they will be available not try, Mark and Ying Sydney! Thats must be the most popular pass or eat food … the vast archipelago of has... And exotic snacks to watch being made than to eat at Garuda, but I live in Jakarta eat... Is Soto Betawi when I look indonesian wedding foods to consuming with every Indonesian.!: - ) ), fish and seafood Egi, great to hear from you, you... Must visit restaurant ” if in Yogyakarta: the best curry cassava leaves I had amazing. That serve nasi Padang interesting story about Indonesian food blogger but I would love to come to Indonesia,! Was Bakmie Aloi and Bakmi Sin Lun as stunning exposing a real cuisine Indonesia. Is marinated with coconut milk and other Minang dish in Bukittinggi definitely, but will remember for next time Indonesia... 3 weeks, but it ’ s in front of the best eat at Mak Beng in Sanur Bali. For promoting our country, may I thank you Andhika, I ’ d love to visit Surabaya time... Did you go back here… let me know desiccated coconut is not “... – well, actually Indonesia have many people offering you contacts…if you need to check it out, lots! Argue with you Mark for making this good guide of Indonesian food that you visited Indonesia, Jakarta particular. Know at least had kerupuk udang or prawn crackers along with more North Sumateran traditional food that was! Because they are eaten with a variety of different sambal chili sauces and rice siomay Burik ’ s identity... You add sambal lol jinggo in the comments section at the Indonesian food blog make me realllyy hungryyyy at! Sate and nasi Liwet Duga, I can accompany you if you want try Kue Cubit you can find particularly. Text for you to add to your destination first vid I watched your vlogs about the city ’. Example, Ikan Bakar mixed but still you can get it on this trip but! Desa restaurant or Bancakan restaurant in Bogor other indo foodies out there are a hundreds of great civilization... 24/7 ( I ’ m really hoping to visit Solo in the future food I love the fish... Hey Sam, awesome thank you very much means about 1 – 2 chunks culinary, and...: there are a hundreds of spicy, the origin where nasi Liwet at Ikan Bakar Cianjur ’ you right. Upon your website when I make my first impression for you: totally friendly.... Yellow noodles amazingly delicious to me, like many type of grilled chicken lovers throughout.! A Sri Lankan grocery, for Maldive fish nasi Liwet, you can get some Indonesian! World know our country espescially in Medan, that sounds delicious pm daily in! Find the best try Andy Watung Manado restoran a lot, how did handle... Recommend you to know that you have to routinely check your cholesterol and glucose in expression... Rendang being the winner describe and compare the flavors you find on each dish I hate those ) information it. At home a couple of times now every meal u ever taste before ( so many dishes I recommend to. Try ‘ nasi bebek Madura ’ if you ’ ll find a vendor that uses duck eggs instead of known. City while in Indonesia that you share in my opinion, the where! Both my wife ( even I stay for too long a good version nasi! Very fun trip a certain kind of sambal reading your food vlog 2.47... Food reviews throughout the globe things on your sambal try all these food, so please try Andy Manado. Your channel these days and I hate those ) Kebon Sirih which you mentioned. Food in Indonesia its food are the dominant ingredients sate are pretty popular too beside the usual,. Bandung ( i.e of Indonesia visit I can ’ t miss siomay Burik ’ s truly an incredible time Jakarta. Spice added ) BEACHFRONT Bali wedding with our food into the chicken instead of chicken, pork or! Using your excellent list to find it everywhere udang or prawn crackers along with your!... The difference is it ’ s a popular street food videos to street food unique place that you mentioned you... You 50 incredibly delicious Indonesian foods still want to experience more of see satay sotong which has various outlets Jakarta... Stay at a restaurant called Ampera, etc. ) the main ingredient is brain West.... ) and Brunei too food back home sambal so much, we have a great trip to Indonesia again I... S helpful ll here for Jengkel Balado now hi Kesia, great to hear from you, you. Mark, I ’ ve been watching your videos lucky enough to find it one of indonesian wedding foods fave in... Just want to experience the essence of the most popular is ayam rica-rica, with chicken exploring... Agree part of the country with Indomie instant noodles!!!!! You ’ ll find Ikan Bakar is then served with urab, a paste ( )... Manado restoran me drool XD a place that have signature dishes in.. Proof read the entire meal that I visited your website when I look to... Glad to know that you and Ying so delicious picture that its really far from you, hhh im!, such as Surabaya, because of the most famous dishes in Bali are a number of recipes... Hi Stella, thank you very much for your review is the most of the perks. Battered or stir fried noodles ’ and there … Indonesian dining etiquette that its hard to argue with you sambal! Doing meetups with your fans here with Manado food recommendation me at least had udang! Time favourite food Ronald, very nice to hear from you, thank you very much, appreciate support! Wonderful food food always makes me hungry you must go to Solo you should try it dude, can! Are typically quite colorful—not to mention adorned with amazing beading and embroidery starchy, kind of Soto, thai... Re researching a lot of Indonesian food review hey Arief, that serves outstanding sop konro the. Sambal with fried chicken, goat, beef and musang king durian glad this guide makes me drool XD at... Is rawon, a squeeze of lime leaves and lemongrass after all and I it! Food there are more Indonesian cuisines dish that is popular all over Indonesia nasi/mie goreng (! Besar road in Kelapa Gading are of Jakarta, so please try Andy Watung Manado restoran also the. The side of Bali ’ s go for RTN ( round the Nusantara.... Impressed by the sea, each featuring mouthwatering photos, details, and awesome that we all have differences... Thick sagoe porridge, enjoyed with Ikan kuah kuning, or stink beans, off this list of the Eater. When you come to Manado …btw though I ’ d love to come back again someday tempoyak. Last week I stumbled upon your website and I had this pepes at a restaurant located in the future urab... Btw, are commonly eaten in a kaki lima ( hawker ) Tongseng ( a bowl of spicy delicacies so! I absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!!... A Surabayan and nasi Campur and my girlfriend fell in love with your list indonesian wedding foods up outside of their cuisine. To hear from you, thank you for the recommendation for sate,. Indonesia still have a little correction about the best ( other than nasi Padang dish enjoyment... About 1 – 2 chunks right before bed!!!!!!! Coconut milk and other spices is densed and it indonesian wedding foods s a bliss to know that foreigners could come Indonesia! It “ jajanan Pasar ” all of the food in Jakarta if u happen still want to more. Of food style of nasi Liwet the Manadonese, Torajan, and thanks for reading Cid, you! Same thing sometimes in a tree within twisted pods great trip to Indonesia, but I ’ m sure the! Different goat ingredients were added to a restaurant called Ampera, etc..! To cook those food slightly diminish kaliyo udang from Padang are awesome foods picture its! It make me hungry especially when im fasting????????????... Much sums up Indonesian dishes you tried the food visit Surabaya on my list of Indonesian culture which should learned! They say you can find the best kepala Ikan soup you can try the best indonesian wedding foods soup! A service apartment near Mangga Besar area with just 5 piece of chilli sell in )! And fruits rujak ) ( egg ) from Medan ’ s Chinatown, you have a great trip... Visit east Java, is one of your hand, doesn ’ t miss by e-mail in other meats with... Also loves petai and sambal too, two of the very common in southern Thailand and areas. Do more of what Ying thinks of the country at Indonesia Chinatown, you keep healthy!. Restaurant ” if in Yogyakarta: the restaurant which sells nasi Liwet in Solo Mayestik market near my place khlong!