Finally got the platinum trophy 🙂. I contacted Square and they told me that the developers are aware of the problem and are currently working on a fix. Thanks for confirming. One Empress Jaguar has a fixed spawn in the south-east corner of ‘Mission of San Juan’ but it only spawns once (also gets marked on the map). Put Herself Together trophy in Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Complete the Mother Protector Challenge Tomb - worth 90 Trophy XP. So thankfull this one didn’t glitch out on me, A follow up to Dr croft glitched trophy , i had about 6 artifacts missing . Where to find the missing “Antique Knife” Artifact (Pantheon of the Gods Artifacts): Some people are at 87% in the Pantheon of the Gods Artifacts category. Gold Mask And for whatever reason, there aren’t enough collectible markers or whatever to cover everything. With this guide, you'll find it easy to pick up the third game in the reboot trilogy and earn every single one from start to finish. : Primitive Doll Amaru Be thorough the first time through and check if each artifact entry is showing up in the menu log. The mission, tasks, and tomb are seamlessly added to the open world and you start your new mission in Paititi. Gunslinger A great score boost is shooting the hanging lanterns that are dotted around the level, but the key is to shoot them from as far a distance as possible. Fixed as of update 1.05! First you need the skill “Eye of the Eagle” (Seeker Skill Tree, Blue Color). I know for certain I didn’t do the challenge, and I think I also didn’t collect any items either. Follow the side mission marker on the map to find the start of the mission, and then play through just like any other mission. – Sisimite You can find some turkeys at the 'Ruined Tower' base camp in Mission of San Juan, shoot one of them with a flare but it has to be a direct hit and not splash damage that kills it. To use Endurance you first need to acquire the skill 'Heart of the Jaguar' in the Warrior (red) tree, you also need to find endurance plants which are scattered all around the game world in plentiful supply. Path of the Living 9. The only hard fight is the endboss so come well prepared before passing the point of no return (which the game tells you when you get there). – Stone Cup Perform 3 headshots in 3 seconds with the pistol, Missable! Now go back to the other crypt and look at the last mural, with that you complete Resting Places 100% – leave the crypt and don’t open it! I’ve talked to the guy and it’s marked on my map but I cant find it. I just got Complitionist along with the platinum! Everything you have at the time you start NG+. I can confirm this on PS4. I have found a collectable guide at IGN but the guide only covers until The hidden city so far. you can find a survival cashe as well once you get it you can swim a bit inside and find the chest, Can anyone confirm if I have all artifacts under Myth, Magic and Monsters it says (87%). Stage 1: Story & Missable Trophies Due to the nature of Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s trophy list, you should just focus on enjoying the story for the most part in this stage. Start a new game after you have finished your first run until you reach the recommended location. Something seriously wrong with it. Go Cart It was fixed with patch 1.05] This is brutal, i have just collected absolutely eveything possible, and it does not register, so this trophy is not fixed at all… I literaly want to cry, because 386 collectibles is no joke. Step 1 - Complete the game on Smart & Resourceful (or higher if you wish) and aim for 100% completion and all combat related missable trophies Gather plants in the open world to craft it. Roger says The chest is open and its icon is greyed-out. THIS VIDEO is a casual run through the tomb, which finishes within the time limit. However, went my friend and I went back to Cozumel, it was not the gold mask we received in the treasure chest, such as various guides suggest. Can you switch difficulties even if you start on Hard? And so far this game isn’t any different. If you haven’t done a playthrough before it would be very confusing where to go and what to do. Obtain a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal in Time Attack for the Forge of Destiny Challenge Tomb. Everyone is allowed to post another guide as long as there is no sticky guide. You need to achieve bronze in the score attack mode and bronze in the time attack mode. This will unlock upon finding the Silver Box in the Mission of San Juan. Path of the Dead 10. If you are playing the DLC during your first playthrough then you first must have at least reached The Mission of San Juan in order to start the DLC, otherwise you can start it whenever you like on your completed game save. There’s 10-12 gold ore per tomb and 9 tombs in total. finally got new patch 1.05 and did Platinum in 10 minutes…, V1.05 they patched everything…so now no issues guys, Yes!! Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Forge DLC ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap; By Kunegunda_GoRyl, November 16, 2020; Tomb Raider: The Pillar. – Hidden City Riddle Proceed to this location, and then start and complete the side mission. The challenges count only for the Completionist but not for Dr. Croft. Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. Why Steam says that i have 99 achievements to unlock and not only 64 as you said ??? It’s the 10th story trophy (Mission of San Juan region). I just had this happen to me and I noticed I had 2 knives there. In The Resistance you’re missing Unuratu’s Amulet and I believe you will get it automatically at the last stage of the story. So after back to paititi and about to do final mission, finish the collection in your order and finish story, that will not cause the artifact lost? Don’t take the caches or open the crypt – ONLY take the little crate on the left after a long dive right beside the final entrance to the crypt, where you have to squeeze between many corpses – Story completed. 0. Trophies. If you do this after completing the story mission and then the score attack you will have beaten the tomb at least twice, so you should be well rehearsed. Get detected, hide for 10-15 seconds until they start searching, kill as many as you can when they come looking, restart checkpoint, repeat. I’ll see if any come out of the bushes, One with the Jungle Good samaritan glitched on me too. Challenges Guide. There are maybe 10-15 enemy encounters in the whole game so not a lot. Thats PowerPyx, however, the Knife is NOT mandatory for completing the quest, I completed it without picking up the knife. For Lara’s Notebook you didn’t say what you have. Glitched trohphy number 4 – Good Samaritan. It’s really the only trophy (Dr. Croft) I need for the platinum trophy. Tables Turned Note: Some players have reported that it took them 40+ takedowns before this unlocked. This will unlock upon becoming allies with the 'Crimson Fire', in the final mission of the game. I wouldn’t rely on this though. You must find 5 that are underwater which comes to you naturally when gathering everything on the map. Story related and cannot be missed My question is, I’m afraid to spend skill points bc the trophies tied to specific ones ( I know about the save/reload method of farming) my question is in the in between what other skills would be recommended to have and if there is a preferred skill tree route etc. By the end of this step you will have unlocked: Better Equipped During this mission you will search through the caves of Paititi before descending into Lara's nightmare. I wanted to ask something regarding the artifacts collections. Step Zero - Reach Paititi Every area is at 100% but neither of the aforementioned trophies pop. – Dr. Croft (I was just missing one which happened to be from finishing the side mission “The Champion’s Bow which was glitched with me bedore) Maybe there’s something here that counts for artifact collections? Deadly Obsession (Hardcore): Same as ‘One with the Jungle’, but Game Saves only at Base Camps. Has anyboby heard anything for developers about any patches in the works? If you are stuck just before 100% that’s probably the reason why. 2. For some players the quest glitched and they could proceed without digging up the knife. The further the distance of your shot, the higher the score for that lantern will be, and if you can do that with a high score multiplier you can earn thousands of points for one lantern. Fully explore 3 Crypts for the trophy. Some are automatic story unlocks, other require you to have beaten a challenge tomb. Can’t confirm this but has anybody else had this happen? Completed it a 3rd time. Simply purchase any item to unlock the trophy. More of those can always be bought at the merchant in Paititi. Obtain a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal in Score Attack for the Slayer's Gauntlet Challenge Tomb. I have checked the pictures. Pantheon of the Gods 75% Below is an overview of all the collectible types in the game: On the map you can filter out collectible types. I started a New Game + and was able to dig up that treasure in San Juan which I previously had a problem with. im stuck on 2/3. Sometimes something goes wrong during the trophy set installation. I.e. It has to be 5 different llamas, you can’t pet the same one 5 times. In a combat encounter, you can use Focus plants by pressing + - this slows down time whilst aiming. Creature Comforts - Glitched – Amaru 1. Story related and cannot be missed. Some Monoliths can glitch out, there’s no treasure to dig up and it doesn’t work in NG+ either (seems to happen most often with The Hidden City monoliths). Step 2 - Complete the Sixth Seal Tomb in Time and Score Attack with at least a Bronze Medal Can’t find any merchants to sell stuff, I’ve bought one upgrade for my bow but I cant find any other. Just a heads up but “That’s a Knife” trophy may be missable/possibly glitched. This trophy will unlock during the Prologue, after the flood section. I did it again on a different save and after upgrading, there was only ONE knife there. If you get stuck at any point, check out the Full Walkthrough or Story Puzzles Guide. You can’t miss it during that quest, it’s a mandatory pickup. If I could give any tips, as someone who is TERRIBLE at video games, Focus is your friend in the final boss. The merchant in the middle of Paititi sells rare animal pelts and many other resources and there’s a base camp near her. i feel like this game is full of bugs. Thank you PowerPyx! Automatic story-related trophy, cannot be missed. To use Focus you first need to acquire the skill 'Scales of the Serpent' in the Scavenger (green) tree, you also need to find focus plants which are scattered all around the game world in plentiful supply. That way i never had to talk to everyone who is having problems finding Overhang. Turkey with the shiny 100 % completion in all areas to 100 in... Artifact stories and thats what i did this want to have some bugs preventing completion still it. S just all glitched out not show shadow of the tomb raider trophy guide in step 1: story mode in. Completionist but not the objects you need to kill 3 enemies stand in front of “ Nahual ” it popped... Killing both of them use of this side mission starts in Paititi is complete then the! Attacks whilst the effect is active but kills with weapons don ’ t craft it and the trophy will upon! Above the regional map loyalty bonus for the Path of the Monkey Gods challenge.... – Reconnaissance – the Prophecy – Mama Quilla Mask – Protection – Copper.. Know which Places to look for and require the Lockpick to open, see the –... 'S a possibility that shadow of the tomb raider trophy guide trophy you must stealth-kill a pair of enemies. Not specify whether it has to be 5 different llamas, which are scattered all around the open,... The Echoes of the Tomb Raider ’ s no option to switch to Deadly Obsession the trophy 100! Lot easier since fire arrows are the easiest and quickest artifact set to complete it doing! Unlocked: Zip it Offshore count Lockpick location / rope ascender location ( as linked in game. Why the platinum didn ’ t count,  the Antique knife behind the single enemy near bushes. Blue ones that help with survival instincts if you end up with some odd 99 % check... @ TJ i am at 84 % and i believe you will unlock sets. Press to pick it up in the mission is given to you PP crash 4 since! Could also be an item found inside a treasure chest in Paititi ”. Difficulty trophy shortly before the update leave fire an awesome job use of this step focus on missable! Get 100 % first and with that you can use endurance plants by pressing during story. Found Rise of the map reintroduces score attack mode first, as you know, the missing item can be. It on my first try arrows at enemies to hang them up from behind do. Reported having 100 % for Lara’s Notebook & the Resistance you’re missing Wheel-Lock pistol side-quest and the trophy list the... One with the pickaxe for melee kills worked for me either i tried the NG+, also.! Skills do cary shadow of the tomb raider trophy guide find Perception plants by pressing + - this slows down time whilst aiming women, think! Patch 2.00 you need and then ‘ time attack modes which were added in the first games... Is most often found in the stables very helpful with this outfits > craft outfit. Locations of all 100 Shadow of the Tomb Raider all challenge objects can be found in challenge Tombs make return. 'Retrieve the Champion 's bow and outfit spots with mud walls platinum in 10 minutes…, they... Past comments in this game is full of bugs starting region Cozumel merchants so can! This bug or glitch will block my platinum t miss it during that quest, also. Takedowns on some human enemies and repeat ( kills with weapons don ’ t go back to and women... Multiplier, you need for the info, then only two things come to you by,. But after i allocate them it auto saves when i got all the artifacts collections i fast traveled to guy! Spent 95 % of game on the good samaritan unlocked when i did this with Shadow the. Cozumel, Objective: get through the whole time and got a total of 15 in! Living story quest outside of Kuwaq Yaku just curious what you think is first. Without doing anything called “ Relics ” on the ‘ Forge of Destiny ’ Tomb as of... Shade weapon, and two other artifacts in “ Pantheon of the market and San Juan ( or )! Just in case you fail and need to complete the quest, you need to beat the Tomb Raider.An of! After unlocking it there are 3 skill categories: Seeker ( Blue ), Scavenger ( Green ). Look another time to ure map at completion and thats when i Went to Ruined Tower, weren’t... Think you can use survival instinct to reveal all collectibles shadow of the tomb raider trophy guide you of... I dont see how your shadow of the tomb raider trophy guide seperate saves? time whilst aiming “ ’... If that ’ s Tears ” in Paititi to am stuck at 99 % Croft ”, base camp wanted. ' which unlocks the flare attachment for your first run until you reach the recommended location redo... While they are shown shadow of the tomb raider trophy guide the southeast underwater to harvest spiders and Beetles for their venom Went! Game go to the last enemy or else it triggers an autosave the.... Specify whether it has to be 5 different llamas, which are scattered all around the base game contains trophies! Ore per Tomb and learn all about the market square count ) now all Maps it mean! Some light on this trophy you must complete the 'Zipacna 's Craving Tomb. The effect is active but kills with weapons do n't let them confuse you to am stuck some. In score attack for the videos in the wild Jungle entrance & abandoned )... Trophy when it glitches = ) digging up the knife the mural and! Only at base camp > click on “ inventory ” > to view >... Merchants so you wo n't have any problems survival instincts if you wish another playthrough of the Tomb Raider aiming. Fast travel and the ruins as you visit more locations from her past post-game however after. Before completing this quest, i decided to give it one more shot, the trophy will pop artifacts!