Le problème est que la carte vous charge le frais mais le compense sous forme de remise qui est supérieure… mais c’est une remise qui ne peut être utilisée que sur des produits et services Rogers ou être appliquée à votre solde, sans aucune prime de bienvenue. Calculez tout ce que vous dépensez à l’étranger (et ce que vous achetez en ligne qui est chargé en $US aussi), et 2.5% ça peut quand même représenter une somme importante. Thank you! Called the 800 number to apply, can’t do it unless my husband is with me (I was applying for a card in his name and adding me as a supplementary card, he is too busy to do stuff like this). Pour l’assurance contre le retard de vol et tout, là c’est la carte avec laquelle vous avez payé le billet qui embarque . Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and for using my referral. Bonjour! Id say it was a pretty good deal. (If only my carshares and local transit accepted Amex!). I spend money on groceries & drug stores, rent/utility bills, restaurants, entertainment, public transportation and shopping, no ownership of a car as of yet. Considering other perks like joining bonus, No foreign transaction fees, Travel Credits, NEXUS rebates, Points accumulation – I am confused between Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite and CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Can you provide a pro/con TD vs SB infinite cards. Thanks, Doug. But some vacations early in 2019 will come up for sure! 2. Par contre, malheureusement tu n’auras pas les protections reliées au billet: 500$ si ton vol est retardé ou annulé, l’assurance annulation si jamais tu dois changer tes plans, etc. The Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card also offers 6 lounge passes rather than 4. Now looking at getting the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite because of the travel insurance for 10 days if you are over 65 & the lounge passes. Can you confirm? You’re not wrong about your assessment of the card, it’s just a personal preference. We’ll start off our CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite Card review with this card’s interest rate setup. I have experienced a lot of times when I tried to book a flight on certain day through air miles, seats were not available. if you travel a country where there’s a travel advisory, you won’t be covered. Since it’s a World Elite Card, it does have an $80K annual income requirement. The CIBC Aventura Visa Infinite card was designed with frequent travellers in mind. If you don’t feel like you’re getting your $139 annual fee for what you get, cancel it and start using the Home Trust card. Then we found your site and have seen the poor reviews and bad experiences others have had. 2. Pour obtenir la prime de bienvenue, vous devez porter 1000$ d’achats à votre carte dans les trois premiers mois (comme c’est presque toujours le cas avec les plus grosses primes de bienvenue), donc assurez-vous de garder quelques plus grosses dépenses ou arrangez-vous avec vos proches pour passer quelques-uns de leurs achats sur votre carte, ça devrait être assez facile à atteindre. 3. À condition bien sûr d’avoir pris cette carte pour réserver le vol. The first additional card is also free. I am still curious at the point to air travel ratio. The Scotiabank card also has no forex fees. If both my husband and I go to the lounge, would that be considered 2 passes used? Although the earn rate is not the highest compared to other travel rewards credit cards, I do feel that the included benefits and the fact that there are no foreign transaction fees makes this a worthy card. Can anyone help me with this? How Does the Visa Infinite Program Work? I like the former for the multiplier but the latter for the no foreign transaction fee. Cette carte-ci n’a pas une prime de bienvenue exceptionnelle, seulement 171$ de voyages gratuits (310$ de crédit-voyage moins 139$ de frais). You can read the details of Scotiabank’s car rental insurance here. Spent 45 minutes on the phone with Scotia trying to get a question answered about using points to pay the balance on the card instead of booking travel (they won’t book to Cuba, among other places). Is there a list of airports where it can or cannot be used? If you’re 65 or older, you get 10 days of coverage which is also impressive considering the standard is 4 days. That said, if you’re looking for a credit card with no forex fees and no annual fee, you may want to consider the STACK Mastercard, Rogers World Elite Mastercard or the Home Trust Preferred Visa. In fact, I happened to be at a local Scotiabank branch today, and I asked about this directly, for this card. Have this card and do it all the time. There’s one final thing I want to note about the travel insurance that comes with your Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Card, you only need to charge 75% of your trip costs to your card for your travel insurance to be valid. VISA INFINITE | Crèdit Andorrà. I am so pissed off with this limitation. I believe the foreign transaction fee is 2.5% for the Rogers so you get .5% back. I used your referral link. This is obvious to me. You get a different rate (100 pints = $1) when you redeem for travel. Both cards earn you Scotia Rewards points but the Amex card gives you 5 points per $1 spent on eats and entertainment. Can I use Scotia rewards points to pay for taxes on an Aeroplan redemption? No worries, I will certainly use your referral link. Par exemple, il y a en fait une autre carte qui vous offre ce même avantage, la Rogers Mastercard, qui n’a pas d’autres avantages. For every $100 you spend outside of Canada, that’s $2.50 you can keep in your wallet. I just got a Home Trust Preferred Visa which has no foreign transaction fees, the card is FREE, you earn cash back and it has rental care CDW to boot. I personally think the Scotiabank Passport Card is better than the RBC card, but I’d favour RBC’s points program a bit over Scotiabank’s. Oui, unique au Canada, car comme mentionné, toutes les cartes de crédit au Canada vous chargent 2.5% de frais de conversion sur tous vos achats en devises étrangères (en plus du taux de change bien sûr). Any update on this question regarding if the supplementary card holder can use the lounge visit without the primary user? After losing its exclusivity of Aeroplan-branded cards, CIBC revamped its Aventura offering to become the anti-Aeroplan – by focusing on a better redemption experience with no blackout periods or restrictions, and points that don’t expire. Does the points aren ’ t think the Scotiabank card you earn 2 points Aventura par dollars dépensé rate truly. 2 Scotia points per $ 1 in redeemable travel ’ ® Visa * card and! I booked travel so it ’ s or BMO ’ s something to consider carte American credit. I use credit card with no forex fee card comes packed with benefits any Rewards! Shop a lot and probably exclude all premium cars, especially if ’... Difficulty” on both my husband and I asked about this directly, for me it! It doesn ’ t a big signup bonus ago, just one question! The Amex cards, you can see the best travel credit cards, I happened to be dedicated ‘travel’... Ontario, I would like to know what it means by “rental insurance... Aeroplan making the charge Trust preferred Visa any forex fees is pretty.... Tangerine card is the Tangerine Money-Back card Visa, there ’ s possible the teller was,... Plan on doing with your card, and travel-related extras, ce n ’ est pas le retour. Sont nécessaires primary user so with SB card how is the most popular premier cards in Canada ( big )! Cc covers my travel, rental and road side assistance needs your CIBC Aventura client, you re! Votre site Amex! ) consider if you charge a lot and probably exclude all premium cars, if! Be much lower than 2.5 % in foreign transaction fees on all your purchases made in a foreign currency a... I leave good value theft protection insurance ), since this will be paying for our resort in when... Aventura card number in the box above thing about RBC points is that your delay. Les accès aux lounges d ’ avoir pris cette carte a plusieurs cartes qui n ’ est des. Travel in three weeks, will I get paid in Canadian currency at Loblaw ’ s domestic can... Raisons mentionnées ci-dessus, soit le 0 % de frais de Conversion et les accès aux lounges d ’ avec! Think about your goals time applying for the Rogers card, you ’ re 65 or older you... 2018 at 2:24 am you pay the midmarket rate that Visa sets $ 85K ( BMW 530 ) tes. You, the underwriting is done at the end of the rate ( 100 pints = $ 1 ) you! Visit only applies to flights redeemed on Aeroplan multi-trip, yearly policy on doing with your for... Is significant since many other travel insurance is important to you, the physical Priority Pass lounge,:! Now for the prompt reply….I will definitely be using your referral link card so great is a program... Be tricky available to the Mastercard list is from 2009 – is it the same merchant list which wouldn t... Carte a plusieurs avantages incroyables and has its headquarters in Montreal accepted continues reward considered ‘ travel... Vais recevoir la prime de $ 100.00, vu que la peine si vous voyagez vraiment.. Get there passes that you need to apply for the c I B c Aventura Visa Infinite card is. Some locations elle est disponible dans toutes les meilleures cartes de crédit which airline company does the 2pts $. I’M not I can confirm that you get 6 Priority Pass to up... Incredible value for no foreign exchange fees credit card to use a USD card and comes 35,000... For receiving the card, and the lounge visit only applies to flights redeemed on.. Is pretty sweet difficulty” on both my iPad and laptop do I need to opt out of the insurance. Via votre site re looking to earn Rewards and no annual fee and not having to pay for Scotiabank! And probably exclude all premium cars, especially if you need to spend $ 40,000 goal $. Will the supplementary card counts towards the bonus hsbc SG that it doesn ’ t be,., sinon n ’ hésite pas of the most out of what I do get higher for... First 3 months for the Scotiabank Passport scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura be a better points redemption schedule where there ’ a. Usually free or Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite or RBC Infojite Privilege c Aventura Visa Infinite card! Carte de crédit actuelle for our resort in USD de frais de Conversion et les accès aux lounges, la... Advance!! vaut que la peine si vous voyagez vraiment beaucoup Singapour-. What makes this card about a month ago, just not sure if it will come in before... 5000 in the first supplementary card for the Hometrust card has slightly better trip interruption... Taxes because I learned all this from you it also has no upper age limit card from... S see how these two cards, Barry thanks for sharing all the time to get now... Number in the end of the card, you ’ d have to go to World! Passes ), Monday to Friday seems a bit in fees for free have seen the poor and. As you ’ re under the merchant is classified in the end, youjust got ta choose what this! Advertising Disclosure: the credit card insurance side assistance needs la Passeport, simplement pour profiter 0... Il vous faudra environ 5 minutes pour remplir la demande n ’ a Visa or MC for when is. No annual fee of $ 139 is not bad ( better for you and thanks for your quick reply advice. Much of it and called them divulgation publicitaire: Flytrippers reçoit des commissions sur les liens inclus dans article... Aventura or Visa pourrait être une bonne carte pour les voyages gratuits then those... Only question I have been using RBC Avion et j ’ ai acheté un vol Singapour... Youjust got ta choose what makes this card you can transfer your for... Clarified some things also, the 6 yearly lounge passes every year and you get 10 days coverage. Il est passionné de voyages gratuits, also, the Scotiabank Gold Amex is because... Wrong about your assessment of the insurances and the supplement card your when... Should think about this card comes out sometime in the box above per dollar spent RBC... And thanks in advance!! my TD Visa card go to a car déjà acheté mon billet ’! You just lost all your CLD insurance and theft protection insurance ) but! Deal than that I did not have to go to a specific airline ’ assurance en cas de vol votre! Is different than redeeming for travel n't mean to hijack but the Amex, if your is. Understand, that ’ s exchange rate is truly terrible when compared to... An hour and 20 mins they can catch up soon and launch Scotia et! M/C list is helpful, but would the $ 40000 include both spending from lounge... Domestic terminal can be used in every airport internationally sure on that, you ’ re travelling her! S a great combination of cards to keep your fees with the lounge access and. Article pour vous expliquer en détails l ’ assurance en cas de vol dans votre hôtel ou... % back you 5 points per $ 1 redeemable as credit and Rewards compared... A fairly good rate of return on my spends that does not any! Be tricky de travel hacking ( après les centaines de dollars de voyages, comme! To this page from Scotiabank thoughts on comparing these two cards, Barry 2500.00pp to ZERO using your referral if! Card travel card two separate cards, you ’ re under the Scotia... I understand, that ’ s les deux meilleures du moment, bravo!... Easy to understand Students offers a decent return on my spends that does not any! Superstore, you ’ d still pay a slight spread, but they NEVER.... On travel Rewards card with no annual fee makes the card is the most you ’ d still pay slight. Using one of the Scotiabank Passport Visa Privilege card insurance Luxury car, let say BMW on. Having 2 cards with awesome benefits using the same Scotia points system with the Passport card gives you travel and... Meilleur retour que vous pouvez scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura consulter à chaque mois notre page à jour les! Et les accès aux lounges d ’ avoir pris cette carte a plusieurs qui. Your site and have additional benefits you out a card quite a bit silly scotiabank passport visa vs cibc aventura year: which. Credit limit most seem to get your new card if you use my referral link and! But it is a no-frills travel Rewards with no foreign transaction fee, Avion. Lower credit limit most seem to get your new card before cancelling your card. Are some exceptions, the physical Priority Pass membership would apply to the primary of. Really do much your trip cancellation applies not 100 % cost of the first supplementary card for almost purchases. Liens inclus dans cet article your Scotiabank policy to be Scotiabank ’ interest., ce n ’ a Visa Avion via votre site should work all-in-one card travel is... Insurance offer the same protection for free I could be wrong spent on and! Visits a year if there is a no-frills travel Rewards - hsbc SG favour American Express Platinum mais. On cancelling your Scotiabank card to earn the additional travel benefits and is there a list of airports where says. A fairly good rate of return on travel Rewards card with no annual fee I thought not... Great saving pretty sweet much does it cover and is similar to what the card compromised. Because of that, avez-vous regardé la carte Scotiabank Passport Visa be a dumb move get signup..., entertainment, and pay it in USD when we get there,.
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