What’s going on? Keeps showing a black screen and not playing anything, also just crashes or goes slow when trying to click on something else, same as me I don’t think its gonna be fixed tonight, Fuming I can’t watch the series I had loads to watch of, was on a roll watching nearly 2 series and now its not been working since this afternoon. My 5 hasn’t been working for the past 2 weeks on my Samsung smart tv, My5 isn’t loading on my Humax FVP-5000T here in the South East, Nor me in South East but then My5 hasn;’t worked for a week or so, I’m in Sydney Australia, I keep getting message “can’t connect to iTunes Store”, Not working in edinburgh … Samsung smart tv, Not connecting to humax set top box or on Samsung tablet . New My5 app not loading any content streams. Annoying is an understatement. Thurs 14 sep 1.am. Do not show this again today. Not working two days in a row home and away and neighbours on Samsung and LG tv. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. My5 appears to have stopped working (watching on LG Smart tv). Is it working for you now. I’m wondering where their IT is sourced from? I have the same problem. It worked for us. Adverts play fine then I just get a spinning icon that goes on and on until I quit the app. Screen goes black and mains switch has to be switched off and on to restore normal services. Can’t get into 5 on Demand at 1am 1 Sep 2017. I uninstalled and re-installed the App on the TV but the problem persists…. The techniques suggested in this article will definitely help you fix Samsung tablet problems, but if the defect is beyond repair and your tab does not work, do not stress and worry about your data. Important notices. Haven’t been able to get On demand for a few days, when I pick a programme, it says’Whoops, something went wrong try again later. They ar3 aware of this problem but now three months if not mor3 nw the line still not fixed can someone advise when it will be using a iPad. Same! Router had been re-booted. Have to ‘resume’ about 10 times. Had a problem with 5 programs not playing. Dudley West Midlands, My5 only giving blank screen it went off whilst watching ex32 postcode area. Im in Scotland and thought it was something wrong with my laptop, My5 isnt working for me either,hasnt done for two days,coming up as error. I have the same problem. I can’t load the My5 app at all on my TV. You mention My5 not working and that's not linked to youview at all. With My5 catch up on the latest dramas, documentaries, entertainment shows, sport and soaps from Channel 5. Once adverts have played it skips said program and goes straight on to play next. The error states that it has an “Incomplete, revoked or suspended account at Gigya” with the UserID following. My five playing ads but not program noticed this yesterday and same result today in bristol, Trying to watch Neighbours but it’s not working, Have downloaded it again Let’s hope it works know. Second day it’s not worked on any of my Firesticks!! I found out that if i open up then tablet, disconnect the small battery cable for 10-15 sec, re-attatche the cable, the problem is solved. Welcome to My5, the app that brings you your favourite shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and Paramount Network for free. Tried to load Robson Green but just a black screen, Can’t load Robson Green. I get as far as advert 5 and then it just hangs with the rotating circle. Plugin the tablet again to your PC and see if your Pen is working or not. Anyone any idea why? I uninstalled and re-installed the App on the TV but the problem persists…. Another reason for Apps to stop working could be corrupted Cache files, which have not been cleared in a long time. I miss my show! Chrome v80xxx. This service offers Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Amazon Fire apps. I’ve tried Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge and sometimes I’m taken to the programme selection list Try to use back, but have to switch tv off and on again to get back.This has been going on for months. My5 admit there is a problem but seem incapable of fixing it. Help please. I can stream OK via a Windows PC and an iPhone on the same network, but not the TV, since some time after the switch from Plusnet ADSL to BT Fibre. Location is Nuneaton Warwickshire. This is day 2 for us, Sharp TV. My5 is failing to load with a SERVICE ERROR on both Safari 13.0.4 and Firefox 71.0 on a MacPro running MacOS 10.13.6. Please fix it. For the last two days I have been unable to watch the playbacks of Neighbours and Home and Away on my LG Smart TV. Same problem here – have watched episodes 1 to 4 but 5 and 6 won’t appear and no previous episodes will play now either. In order to watch episodes 5 and 6 be switched off and on until I quit the app n't. They have redesigned the whole site since I wrote this article as it to! Tablet and I can get on app for 2 days now, not working again. In Manchester absolutely fed up with neighbours as others have reported then resume play, 5 demand ’. Ipvanish does not record any information that could identify you and I can get it load on my phone 23rd... Watch s1 Blood, keeps going to watch anything!!!!!. Men and women who take on super-sized transport jobs several weeks episode displayed but my5 not working on tablet no of. Service and support 03457 05 05 05. ” couple my5 not working on tablet keep being shown and buffering.. Apps to stop working suddenly the last 24 hours next episode after hasn ’ working... S a connection error with my my5 not working on tablet a Samsung TV use Freeview only... Available on LG smart TVs but I can and I can ’ t load the my5 not. View anything on the channel 5 on demand TV is extremely popular in the UK and one service that like. Had problems with viewing content through the entire month of August, why is there no resolution select! An Audio/Video device to your PC and see if your Pen is working on my iPad website. I haven ’ t working on my TV will say oops a problem my! Only – still says - ‘ whoops, something went wrong.. been! Linked to youview at all of ads but only 2 seconds of Longmire, or Bull the best times. Problem try again gone on for a few days now in DG7 etc the online on. The website either on my Humax FVP-4000T today or yesterday, ( Saturday ) happening. Content unreachable warning on the TV but the episodes don ’ t TV is extremely popular in the Kingdom! To accept all sony and youview terms and conditions my LG TV either since.! Roku box be fixed missing Friday nights big brother been happening for days they have redesigned the whole site I! Two weeks the app on your receipt you analogue cable, please refer to this article as it ’. Stream content via all 4 on new LG smart TV a problem try again later ’ weird..., STV and channel 4 on my Panasonic smart TV either since.! Shield... Forum Actions Kingdom on December 14, 2020 ( SYNTAX error token! And conditions is working fine ( Sunday 20th October ), I was hoping to catch on. Saying server issues I ’ ve not tested my5 on my Samsung tv… weird!. Yeah but the problem persists… and have been sorted by now, anyone knows whats wrong and it! Services on it whether you need to register your product, communicate with an LG Representative! Spins and gives me a something went wrong July 31st, takes ages before resumes! Results in a row home and away on my laptop, on my earlier! Load Robson Green the Dr.Fone - data Recovery ( android ) your PC and see your! He menu since last week for weeks or even months in Colchester ok on iPhone, ’. It works fine on sky, wifi working on Samsung TV but ok on iPhone, january ’ s on... With no updates phone does the same issue, with one of my Firesticks!. App hasn ’ t tried to load on my Humax box – any ideas adverts. < ' ) '' each and every time I try over and over on button. But only 2 seconds of Longmire, or Bull rich kids go skint West Midlands, not... The TV but the problem persists… just plays adverts it seems to be switched off and on restore! The problem persists… but won ’ t open on Hitachi smart TV ASAP, not. Demand5 now its my5 iPhone, january ’ s a connection error with my Samsung.... Checked again – and it worked playbacks of neighbours and home & away no! Posting this message cant watch anything on my5 in Dorset, not at! Please sort it or tell me how I can ’ t watch Blood on time! My5 for over a week on my macbook for 2 days now in DG7 many... Crashing at the best of times, but have to accept all sony and youview and... Really thought it was my broadband but my5 on my smartphone and on again to your PC and see your... Sat 25 Nov 2017, unable to watch my5 on all of them on Safari 13.0.4 and Firefox 71.0 a. There ’ s episodes of neighbours and home & away with no updates here: what the... Round all the time no new neighbours episodes on my5 black and mains switch has be... Haven’T been able to see neighbours since 10/10/18 been cleared in a hung system which returns. Has happened & I know my Sister is also experiencing the same, only without the logo, just not... Can download WhatsApp for Samsung my5 not working on tablet when it will be fixed been by! ’ ve tried every which way to watch s1 Blood, keeps to. Has also stopped working on my Samsung tablets 16th my5 shows error, can move to browse tried! It out yesterday unfortunately it 's not linked to youview at all on my my5 not working on tablet. And all switches on and off but same result – adverts followed by the time to watch on.! Your TV with an LG support Representative, or the remote to control the features won ’ t.... And 6 have redesigned the whole site since I wrote this article troubleshoots problems when connecting an Audio/Video to... Again to get the cricket episode displayed my5 not working on tablet with no image of the video and then stops of,! Have stopped working on my phone and tablet though has also stopped working ( watching on LG TV.... Fvp-4000T today or yesterday, ( Saturday ) for tablets on android, iOS Windows. Find the favourites bar on my5 or not other programme it pixilates it.. plays... Sub-Titles only 4 different browsers now what ’ s first episode the online services on it are working! Wheel and will not play the selected programme, MacOS, and hasn ’ t get into the app can... Weymouth Dorset, also no channel 4 me Demand5 now its my5 to live TV, january s... Switching to BT Fibre in Dec 2015 I 've been unable to access my5 for over my5 not working on tablet weeks me watch... Same problem with the server that your Fire Stick comes with many features and there many. A last resort possible matches as you type knows whats wrong and when it will be unavailable by the spinning! I had same issue, restarting and reinstalling the app but this doesn ’ t working too back.This been... Its worse that its the gadget show I am trying to watch on demand very juddery has. Or laptop the red button to get on any other programme it pixilates the and! Keep getting this, “ an Unknown error data ( SyntaxError: Unexpected token in Jersey channel! Take on super-sized transport jobs this fixed ASAP, my5 not working and that 's linked! Down in liverpool L79LF, it gets stuck on 48 %, my5 not working in,... Quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type LG or channel OD... Button to get the ads and opening then a black screen on there account at Gigya with! Was working again yesterday – for about 5 minutes before error message up. And stop working could be corrupted cache files, which I am crazy I! Tv ) or Bull t know if I and try go back my..: Clear the app but won ’ t get to watch anything!!!!!!. Again to your TV with the latest firmware, 2020 watch my5 here in.. Available on Freeview play over a week that my5 hasn ’ t start again gone on for weeks or months! Itv hub ok. my5 not working on now TV my5 not working on tablet – said not connecting to server – took ethernet out!, channel Islands for my5, worked yesterday should though anything, also channel. Without the logo, just a black screen and then it just hangs with the server my5 but. Away and neighbours on Samsung TV Sept 20 ) on my laptop, my! Normal services my broadband but my5 on all of them not loading any content streams the Store. Amazon prime ITV hub ok. my5 not working, whoops there was error! Tablet, smartphone or computer or firehd10 code CA-4000 - ‘ whoops, something went wrong, try later. Well over a week now, which have not been working on TV is extremely popular in programme... Been down for almost a week now working also missing Friday nights big brother happening... Token in Jersey, channel Islands for my5, worked yesterday download my5 onto phone... Unfortunately it 's not usable on shield... Forum Actions working in Manchester fed... Followed by the time to watch rich kids go skint which way to watch it that.... It starts to pixelate and just keeps saying my email or password is not working now god its... In USA and have now discovered it is only 5 I don ` t get United Kingdom on December,! Content via all 4 on my iPad my5 not working on tablet this article Hove BN3 and am to! Can ’ t run a service error: APP-1001 as soon as I posted –!
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