Please consult the park website. Stay on Lonesome Lake Trail, as it becomes steep. What was once a railroad and train depot, has transformed into a 50-acre linear park that traverses the City across four miles. The first is the parking lot at the Cannon Township Center, located at 6878 Belding Rd NE, Rockford. The trail begins about 1/2 mile from the Parking area by following the Lonesome Lake Trail. and leads to the summit ( a tower) and to the Tramway station. Total Distance : (from parking area to summit) 2.8 miles Completed this hike yesterday 10/22. Follow the yellow blazed Lonesome Lake Trail. After 0.4 miles, the slope gets steeper and the trail bifurcates. A 1.1 mile long nature trail to the park's beautiful Redwood Grove offers a special feature for adventuresome hikers, bird watchers and other amateur naturalists. This day hike started at the Lafayette Place campground on the southbound side of I-93. Icy and snowy hike took closer to 6 hours with breaks. It was slick in a few spots and I did fall pretty hard on one of the rocks going down. Hi-Cannon Trail, Franconia Notch State Park Trail and Hiking Information. Lots of rock scrambling, very wet and muddy but minimal ice and no need to spikes. Campground Parking areas. From here, head west on Lonesome Lake Trail and hike up this until you reach the junction with Hi-Cannon Trail. Following the Lonesome Lake Trail from Lafayette Place Campground, the Hi-Cannon Trail is the most direct route up the east slope of Cannon Mountain. Parking can be found in either of the Lafayette google_ad_width = 468; You will reach the lake. Features: Play areas, ball diamonds, soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball, concession stand, football field and basketball courts. Difficulty Level: Moderate It was pretty muddy and wet from the snow melting & at some points the mud was over my ankles. Went up hi-Cannon and down kinsman ridge. The ladder part was cool. The Cannon Valley Trail office is right off the trail at 825 Cannon River Avenue and there is also parking just east of the CVT office at the Cannon Falls Softball Fields. It continues to ascend moderately to a lookout over Franconia Notch at Stats Mountain: Cannon (4,100) Date:July 17, 2009 Time: 6 hours Miles: 6 miles Elevation Gain: 2,432 feet Trails: Hi Cannon Trail to Kinsman Ridge Trail to Lonesome Lake Trail The trail to the right is a tad longer, but provides a more intimate look at the lake and a better view of Mount Lafayette and other mountain peaks of the Franconia Range towering in the distance. Made our own loop but it was an amazing trip. Hikingto North Kinsman to South Kinsman and then to North Kinsman was pretty decent with nice views. Once you enjoy the possibly crowded summit, return using the Kinsman Ridge in the south direction. **A word of caution. I will definitely try to come again and make it to the top though. past the Dodge Cutoff at 0.8 miles. The Hi-Cannon Trail is not dog friendly so we will continue along the Lonesome Lake Trail. You may visit the Lonesome Lk AMC Hut. Start at the parking for the Lafayette Campground Visitor Center and head south along the Franconia Notch State Park Recreational Trail where you'll run into another parking lot. of the Tramway by either riding up and hiking down or vise versa. //-->. From trailhead to summit is 2.8 miles, making the total trip 5.6 miles. The more scenic route goes to Lonesome Lake and then takes the Dodge Cutoff back north to rejoin the Hi-Cannon Trail at mile 0.8. There is an old/historic tramway that bring non-hikers to the summit. Great Views of Northern Presidentials. The trail is located at 44.14064383, -71.68950328 (latitude & longitude) in New Hampshire, White Mountain Region, Franconia Notch State Park. Several great look out points along the way and the tower at the summit of Cannon provides amazing 360 views. Reservations for day use are required. 2017031020 - 2018-11-14 - EIR - Trails at Santiago Creek Project. But from there to Cannon Mountain back is bit long, never ending snd steeeep. Just before reaching the top, you will merge with Kinsman Ridge Trail for a very short distance. Following the Lonesome Lake Trail from Lafayette Place Campground, the Hi-Cannon Trail is the most direct route up the east slope of Cannon Mountain. I will do it again. Hikers may also try the Hi-Cannon Trail, which provides views of Lonesome Lake along the way. The cliffs on the east side of the peak are host to the most popular rock climbing routes in the state. Thoroughly enjoyed this trail. At the top, enjoy the views from the observation tower. Southbound, exit at Lafayette Campground sign and turn L before bridge for trailhead parking. This took me under 4 hours to complete. google_ad_channel ="3180589972"; The CVT is skiable, but very icy conditions. As a beginner I found this hike to be very very challenging and I wasn't able to complete it. Trail starts at the left side of the parking lot. Be prepared this time of year for parking to be difficult, especially on the After a mile, High Cannon Trail splits to the right. All of the snow melted but I could definitely see some areas being dangerous with snow and ice. The direct route saves about half a mile over the scenic route. Hi Cannon was nice, steep in some spots, kinsman ridge had a lot of ice and was slippery coming down. There is a view point roughly 3/4 of the way up on the left. The first 0.75 miles of this trail contain many twists and turns through a densely wooded area. The trail is almost parallel to the Cannon Aerial Tram. There is one ladder which puts this hike on the T25 list -- the ladder isn't too bad, really. 4K Peak. The left branch leads to Lonesome Lake. There weren't enough signs on the hike and alot of rocks were slippers even though I think I think it hasn't rained in a few days. After getting off the highway at exit 34B I pulled into the parking lot and Cannon Mountain stood before me. The first half of the trip is basically a series of "Zig-Zags", the Zigs being somewhat steep and the Zags Brea Sports Park (20 acres) 3333 E. Birch Street, 714-990-7103 Features: Ball fields, walking trail… Risking on Cannon. The paths were well maintained. High clay content in the soil causes “greased” trails and roads. Hikers can also choose to go a little out of the way on the Lonesome Lake Trail (seen below). Happy to report that the snow is gone! This beautifully designed pocket-park includes a turf area, picnic tables, and large active-play rock structures. Bring your layers. The trail contains very steep sections as well as a wooden ladder and a cliff view of Lonesome Lake. Lafayette Campground, Franconia Notch State Park Parkway, elevation about 1740 feet. Brea Junior High School Park (13.06 acres; lighted) 400 N. Brea Blvd. Follow Route 93 North into the Franconia Notch Parkway. However, the snow was very ‘wet’. Some fun scrambles, and not for the beginners. tricky as there is a lot of loose gravel which can make footing difficult. The trail begins about 1/2 mile from the Parking area by following the Lonesome Lake Trail. Pioneers traveling around this headland had to hug the point carefully, even at low tide. Shaka Guide is an audio tour app that gives you the benefits of a guided tour with the freedom to explore on your own terms. A little bit of icy in spots but micro spikes not needed after a few days of warm weather. Micro-spikes were not needed today. The Cannon Valley Trail received new snow on 1/14-1/15 which was great.